The magical furniture fairy strikes again!!!

You know, when you live in a Shoebox sized apartment, you can’t fit a lot of furniture. But also, my shoebox apartment is very very oddly shaped, so it’s been a work in progress since I moved in.

I posted before about the Magical Furniture Fairy and I’m here to report that she struck again!

This time, A and I were spending Saturday night in and decided to go get some subs before we settled in with some wine and Bananagrams. On our way down the street to Subway, we passed my neighbors house, that is now for sale.

This house has continuously had stuff for free out front since it went on the market, but this time we hit the jackpot. We found 2 tables and a shelf. The shelf is now in my kitchen (notice it is sitting on another Furniture Fairy find):


This table, that has a light inside so I can only assume it’s a display table for important documents and things, is now my dining table. I might put my newspaper collection inside it to spruce it up, if I can figure out how to open it.


And finally, and this is a terrible picture, but we found a really really great glass coffee table. Yes, it has glass not shown.


This prompted us to spend Saturday night rearranging my apartment, and now my couch is in a location that I’ll actually use it. Like today. When it didn’t snow. So I laid on it all day long and tried to avoid putting pants on.



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