An Inauguration Story

There was no better way to take advantage of my residence in DC than to invite 4 of my closest friends from high school (+one boyfriend) to spend the weekend hitting the town and crashing in The Shoebox. Oh, and attending an historic event like a presidential inauguration.

Regardless of your politics, the peaceful transfer of power is one of the coolest ceremonies in our history.

Our story starts at 3:30 am when we woke up and tried to beat the metro crowds to the line to get in. We had tickets to the standing section and wanted to be as close to the fence as possible. Mission accomplished. We were one of the first 50 people in line.


Then we fought the crowds through the security line and scored primo positioning. We watched the sunrise over the Capitol and hunkered down to battle the cold for 8 hours until the ceremony started.



That was when we met willy wonka, who magically had 2 extra seated tickets that he wanted to share. So, me and my friend AM battled through the crowds, back through the security line, and ended up so very close to the stage.

My favorite part of the whole thing was being in the presence of so many past leaders. Jimmy Carter, The Clinton’s, John Boehner, etc.

My least favorite part was the attempt to leave, as they closed the exits for extended periods of time. And then the city spent the next day looking like a war zone.

It was a great weekend full of memories with some of my favorite people on earth. I can’t say that I’ll stand in a line for 8 hours to watch another one, but I don’t regret the experience a bit.


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